Star Ice Cream is a manufacturer of quality ice cream and has been established since 2001. Founded by three individuals who decided to offer something new to ice cream they set about creating their own blend of charisma which can be seen within the masterpiece of each ice cream dessert. Providing delicious ice cream dessert to over 1000 restaurant across the country, Star Ice Cream Ltd strives to achieve perfection through exceptional quality and customer service.

Our Ambition is to provide our new and existing customers with a variety of premium ice cream at a competitive price. We pride ourselves in producing delicious ice creams that not only melt in your mouth with a smooth texture but also with a delicious wonderful feeling at the end that makes you want to enjoy more.

We believe the best ice creams are best produced under conditions which help the ice cream develop its balanced taste. One of our best sold ice creams includes the leemu which is a rich sophisticated caramelised ice cream combined with honeycomb, filled in a designer glass pot.

For more information on our ice cream ranges please browse through our products, as for the prices please contact us with your information and one of our employees will be happy to provide prices and help. You can also order a new dessert menu through our website by filling a form. Please allow at least 2 weeks for new menus to be designed and printed.

For all trade enquiries and other information please get in touch via our contact pages.